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Hidden Surface Town Manga

Hidden Surface Town Manga


Hidden Surface Town

Alternate Name: Restraining Order of Ant 2: Hidden Surface Town, Yi Zu Xianzhi Ling II Yin Mian Zhen, Yin Mian Zhen
Year of Release: 2017
Status: Ongoing
Author: Chong Chong Jia Jia
Artist: Wuya Sanbu
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Romance Shoujo Supernatural
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Three of thousands of ant girls were forced to leave the Red Rose College under the mayor's restraining order, No. 66. Since then, the ants have lost the opportunity to roll over. And the ruthless, strong domineering mayor, with three of thousands of ants in the opportunity of the girl is slowly unfolding...

Chapter Name Date Added
Hidden Surface Town 1 :
Hidden Surface Town 2 :
Hidden Surface Town 3 :
Hidden Surface Town 4 :