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Fairial Garden Manga

Fairial Garden Manga


Fairial Garden

Alternate Name:
Year of Release: 2008
Status: Completed
Author: SAKURANO Minene
Artist: SAKURANO Minene
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Adventure Comedy Fantasy Shounen
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Noah is a young boy whose parents are world famous as scientists who developed "Fairia seeds." Fairia seeds are special flower seeds that can "grow" fairy-like beings called Fairia. Fairias have become popular pets since the seeds became available for sale. Popular with everyone else but Noah. Noah swore that he would never keep a Fairia again after his mother used his Fairia in an experiment and killed it. One day he picks up a houseplant from the garbage and brings it home without realizing that it is a Fairia plant. When it flowers, out comes a beautiful girl the size of a pea. He names her Claire. Claire is a special kind of Fairia called Fairial that can make themselves human-sized. Now, Noah must find out the secret behind the Fairia seeds, if he wants to keep Claire safe.

Chapter Name Date Added
Fairial Garden 1 : Fairia And Fairial
Fairial Garden 2 : Claire
Fairial Garden 3 : Let's Go Towards The Sky Sometimes
Fairial Garden 4 : Strawberry Grape
Fairial Garden 5 : Lupine
Fairial Garden 6 : Together with Everyone
Fairial Garden 7 : Friendly Handshake
Fairial Garden 8 : Cattleya
Fairial Garden 9 : Nice to Meet You
Fairial Garden 10 : From then on and forever