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Dual X Justice Manga

Dual X Justice Manga


Dual X Justice

Alternate Name: ??????????, Dual Justice
Year of Release: 2007
Status: Ongoing
Author: TAKEYAMA Yuusuke
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Comedy Sci-Fi Shounen
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Here’s the new project of the week, Dual X Justice! It’s an action school life series of two individuals who were chosen by God to become angels in a time when humanity has forgotten God. They each have superhuman powers, the guy being the one who has Kamen Rider-esque powers while the girl has Magical Girl-esque powers, and they fight monsters much like in each respective genre. It’s a play on the Magical Girl genre and Kamen Rider, and it might be a little old, but it’s rather funny.( From CXC Scans )

Chapter Name Date Added
Dual X Justice 1 :
Dual X Justice 2 : Angel Arrived At The Earth
Dual X Justice 3 : Advent Of The Angel
Dual X Justice 4 : Search Out The Beast